Wednesday, 18 JULY 2019
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Wednesday, 24 APRIL 2014 - 18:30

Javier Umbides receives the MVP and Best Goal awards of the 34th matchday

The MVP and Best Goal awards of the 34th matchday were awarded to Javier Umbides playing for FC Atromitos Athinon, who topped the competitions organised by Super League, the Panhellenic Association of Professional Players (PSAP) and NOVA. The awards were presented by Mr Konstantinos Yannopoulos, President of the organisation "The Smile of the Child", and Mrs Maria Tryfonidis, President of the "Floga" association.

After the ceremony, the FC Atromitos Athinon player stated the following:

"I wish to thank very much the President of "The Smile of the Child" organisation and the President of the "Floga" association for this honour, as well as the fans who voted for me. This is really important for me, however both cups belong to the whole team, to my teammates. No one plays alone and if we stand together and united, we can achieve many things.


The play-offs start soon and we know that we have difficult matches ahead of us, however we will try to secure our qualification for the Champions League. We expect to play well and finish the season with a big success."


"Atromitos is my team! This is where I grew up; I also played football in the Peristeri stadium and I am always happy when the team is successful. Javier Umbides shows children that you can always reach high when you show respect and are humble. At "The Smile of the Child" we also have children who are good at football and can learn a lot from his career. Atromitos is our home, they have been helping "The Smile of the Child" for several years now and we wish that the club will manage to qualify for the Champions League this year," stated Mr Kostas Yannopoulos during the awarding ceremony.


"I also wish to congratulate Javier on this successful moment and to also wish him to win more awards. Atromitos is part of our family, they have been supporting us all these years and they help us continue our work. The "Floga" also has a football team, which does not participate in official matches of course, and we invite Umbides to come see the children one day," pointed out Mrs Maria Tryfonidis while presenting the MVP award to the player.


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