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MAROUKAKIS (47'), NAZLIDIS (75')  LIMNIOS (45'), LE TALLEC (56'), UBIDES (70')
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TUESDAY, 01 JULY - 22:30

Super League OPAP draw 2014-2015


Check out the Super League Greece 2014-2015 Match Schedule, following today’s draw:

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THURSDAY, 28 MAY - 13:06

Dimitris Goutas Interview

Συνέντευξη Δημήτρη Γούτα1

"SKODA Xanthi is for me a part of my life and literally my family. I have been with the club since I was 14 years old and thanks to the care shown by its people, I never felt difficult while being away from my real family," pointed out Dimitris Goutas in his exclusive interview for the website of the Super League. The SKODA Xanthi defender talked about the Club's academies that have promoted several players: "You will allow me to say that my club is pioneer in this area," whereas as regards their opponent for the play-off match that will determine which club will stay in the league, he pointed out that: "If we play the way we should, then it doesn't matter who the opponent is." The full interview:

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FRIDAY, 23 MAY - 12:13

Super League… travels to Brazil


21 out of the 23 players chosen by the Head Coach of the Greek National Team Mr Fernando Santos have had many participations in the Youth League championship as well as the top championship of Super League.

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TUESDAY, 20 MAY - 10:48

Thomas Nazlidis Interview

Συνέντευξη Θωμά Ναζλίδη1

"Given that the team achieved its goal, I believe this season was successful, although it was highly difficult," pointed out Thomas Nazlidis in his exclusive interview for the website of the Super League. The Platanias striker talked about his injury that kept him off the pitch for six months: "It really affected my psychology. It was a hard period for me," whereas as regards the club's fans he said that: "The people of Hania really help us. The stands in all our home matches are almost full, without any problems for the opponent. There is a beautiful, family feeling and this motivates us to enter the pitch with bigger determination." The full interview:

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MONDAY, 19 MAY - 10:59

Markos Vellidis Interview

Συνέντευξη Μάρκου Βελλίδη1

"My decision to play for PAS was absolutely right and proved me correct" pointed out Markos Vellidis in his exclusive interview for the official website of the Super League. The PAS Giannina goalkeeper talked about his staying in the Ioannina club by saying that: "It would make me really happy and would be in line with our common goals," whereas when asked on what his dreams are regarding his children he replied that: "The certain thing is that I will introduce them to sports since they can only win things through this experience. Sports are really important for young children and they significantly contribute in the shaping of a child's character." The full interview:

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Wednesday, 08 MAY - 10:44

The 2014 Nova Super League Awards

The Greek football stars shone in the Novasports channels! The best players of the Super League championship for the 2013/2014 season were presented with their awards on the evening of Monday May 5, in a special show presented by Yannis Karalis in the Nova facilities in Kantza.

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THURSDAY, 30 APRIL - 11:20

Vassilis Bouzas Interview

Συνέντευξη Βασίλη Μπούζα1

In his exclusive interview for the official website of the Super League Panionios midfielder Vassilis Bouzas pointed out that "we made it through a really difficult year; we faced many problems and huge hardships that we finally managed to overcome united". The 21-year-old player also highlighted that "Panionios is still alive and breathing thanks to its players that helped the club and continue to help it and will also help it in the future so it can overcome the bad situation it's facing at the moment." The full interview:

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Wednesday, 24 APRIL - 18:30

Javier Umbides receives the MVP and Best Goal awards of the 34th matchday

Βράβευση Χαβιέ Ούμπιδες MVP και Best Goal 34ης αγωνιστικής1

The MVP and Best Goal awards of the 34th matchday were awarded to Javier Umbides playing for FC Atromitos Athinon, who topped the competitions organised by Super League, the Panhellenic Association of Professional Players (PSAP) and NOVA. The awards were presented by Mr Konstantinos Yannopoulos, President of the organisation "The Smile of the Child", and Mrs Maria Tryfonidis, President of the "Floga" association.

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Wednesday, 17 APRIL - 15:37

Nikos Katharios Interview

Συνέντευξη Νίκου Καθάριου1

In his exclusive interview for the official website of the Super League, Panthrakikos midfielder Nikos Katharios talked about the ideal atmosphere prevailing in the Thrace club: "The conditions are ideal in Komotini for a player since there is calm, a sports centre serving the needs of the football club, an Administration that is always by your side and of course Mr Mantzios and his assistants who help you evolve as a player." He also did an account of the season that just concluded: "Panthrakikos managed to present a very decent team, played spectacular football in most matches and managed to secure its staying in the league several fixtures before the end of the championship, therefore we can say that we had a successful season."

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